Required Documents

It is a document that is filled in line with the customs legislation, confirmed by the relevant exporters association and then submitted to the customs administration.

Customs Declaration

It is a document that isfilled in line with the customs legislation, confirmed by the relevantexporters association and then submitted to the customs administration.

Uniform CustomsDeclaration is arranged in 8 (eight) issues.

Information Recorded inCustoms Declaration Form

  • Declaration
  • Sender/Exporter
  • Forms
  • Loading Lists
  • Number of Items
  • Number of Cups
  • Reference Number
  • Receiver
  • Financial advisor/Public Accountant
  • Country of Destination
  • Country with which trade is conducted
  • Agricultural Policy
  • Affirmant
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Export
  • Identity of the Vehicle in the exit and name of the Country that it is registered
  • Container
  • Delivery Method
  • Identity of the mobile Vehicle that is going to cross the border and name of the Country that it is registered
  • Foreign Exchange and Total Invoice Amount
  • Foreign Exchange Rate
  • Quality of the Transaction
  • Way of Transportation at the border
  • Domestic Way of Transportation
  • Place of Loading
  • Financial and Banking Data
  • Customs Administration in the exit
  • Place where the item is located
  • Description of the Cups and Items
  • Code of the Items
  • Code of Country of Origin
  • Gross Weight (kg)
  • Regime
  • Net Weight (Kg)
  • Quota
  • Abstract of the Declaration
  • Supplementary measurement
  • Additional Information, Submitted Documents, Preliminary Permits
  • Calculation of Taxes
  • Postponement of the Payment
  • Type and Code of the Warehouse
  • Place and Date


Commercial Invoice

It is an accountingdocument which is sent by the seller to the buyer to declare the type, name, amount,unit sale price, delivery method, total cost of the goods sold.

Original Invoice

It is an invoice preparedafter the sales transaction.

Freight Invoice

Freight refers to thecarriage price of the good in sea and/or internal water carriage.

Consular Invoice

These are invoices inwhich origin, unit price and value of the good are approved by the Consulate ofthe country where the good is delivered.


Legalized Invoice isprovided when the foreign buyer's commercial invoice that is made out by theexporting company, is approved by the Consulate of the importing countries.

Special Invoice

This document is preparedto ensure that the exemption of Value Added Tax is implemented in salesconducted with foreigners.

Broker's Purchases andSales Invoices

With regard to thepurchases of goods through the medium of broker, the broker issues the broker'spurchases invoice to illustrate the purchase price, purchase costs andbrokerage charge. With regard to the sales through the medium of broker, the brokerissues the broker's sales invoice to illustrate the sales price, sales costsand brokerage charge.

Detailed Invoice

Detailed invoice isissued by the seller or sender to demonstrate the amount of goods of different types and values placedin various cups.

Certificate of Origin

This document shows themanufacturing place of the goods that are subject to export.

A.TR Movement Certificate

This document is issued inexporting goods to the European Union member countries.

EUR.1 MovementCertificate

This document is issuedin exporting goods to the EFTA members and countries with which free tradeagreements are signed as well as exporting iron/steel and agricultural productsto the European Union states.

EUR-MED MovementCertificate

This document demonstratesthe origin of the goods exported to the countries that are parties to the PAAMK(Pan-European Mediterranean Cumulation.

Phytosanitary Certificate

The exporter of herbalproducts has to supply Phytosanitary Certificate in order to prove that theproducts are immune from disease and dangerous elements.

Supplier's Declaration

This document is usedwith A.TR Movement Certificate and demonstrates the origin of the good which issubject to the Pan-European Mediterranean Cumulation.

Health Certificate For Animal Export

Exporterswho engaged in export of marine products and animal ingredients required toprovide Health Certificate. This Certificate indicates that products are devoidof diseases which can pass to human beings and animals.


Theagricultural products which take place in technical arrangement in foreigntrade and standardization regulations are subject to compulsory quality controlin exporting. The purpose of this application is maintainingcredibilityandcreatingstablemarkets for traditionalagriculturalproductsin foreign countries.


Firms that export sultana to USA, Canada and Australia arerequired to obtain an analysis report for the lead residue and pesticide whichshould be taken fromIzmir Instituteof Public Health, IzmirProvincial Directorate of Agriculture or AegeanUniversityPharmacokineticdrug developmentresearchandapplication centre's laboratory (ARGEFAR).

Certificate of analysis of natural bee honey

Duringthe stages of honey exports and imports certificate of analysis of natural beehoney is one of the compulsory documents asked at the customs. The purpose ofthe application is to prevent export and import of fraudulent and adulteratinghoney.

TheAnnex II Certificate for export of natural mushroom

Bythe European Union countries, especially in fresh natural mushroom, exportersare required to provide radiation document. If importer countries request thisdocument, exporter companies should appeal to Turkish Atomic Energy Authority'sAnkara or Çekmece nuclear researchandtraining centres for providing thedocument.

FoodSafety/ Health Certificate

This document is required in the exports of food other than milk, meatanddried fruit;food additives andfoodpackagingmaterials. The approvalprocess iscarried outby theprovincial directorates ofagriculture.

Stock Registration Declaration

In exports ofagricultural products, declarationregistration ofthe stock market is one ofthe documents whichshould be submittedto the customs administration.

Processed AgriculturalProducts Declaration Form/Analysis Final Report

In case processedagricultural products enter into free circulation, this document approved by achemist designates the agricultural share in these products.

CITES Certificate

CITES Certificate isattached to customs declaration forms in case animal and plant species that arebecoming extinct are exported.

Certificate of Harvest

This document approved bythe Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Provincial Directorate ofAgriculture states bulbs are either nourished or produced.

Certificate of Origin

This document approved bythe Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Provincial Directorate ofAgriculture, is required to receive permission for exporting natural bulbsacquired from state forests.

Letter of Forest/MonopolyShipment

In order to export forestproducts this document is arranged from the production site.

Helal Certificate

This document isrequested by Muslim countries in importing meat to prove animal slaughtering isrealized in line with Islamic rules.

AQAP Certificate

This document refers to IndustrialQuality Assurance Certificate given by the Ministry of National Defense.

GMP Certificate

This document is given bythe Ministry of Health to pharmaceutical manufacturers in order to prove thatin every stage of production quality control is assured.

Industry RegisterCertificate

This document is given toindustrial enterprises, enterprises serially and continuously running repairs,power stations producing electricity and other types of energy and constructionplaces that are subject to the 6948 numbered Industrial Register Law.

Type Approval Certificate

This document is givensolely to automotive manufacturers by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Certificate ofSpecification

This document makes adistinction of the goods according to the international standards and isprepared in line with the TS or ISO certificates.

Permission Certificate inExporting Nuclear and Nuclear Associated Products

This document is given inexporting nuclear materials, equipment and associated technology to avoid the proliferationof nuclear weapons.

Radiation Certificate

This document is preparedby Turkish Atomic Energy Authority in response to demand of exporting companiesin order to submit to the authorities in importing countries.

Boycott/Black ListCertificate

As countries which are inthe state of war with each other or have their political relations interrupted,trade partners declare that they are not associated with the black list.

Certificate of Analysis

In case it is necessaryindependent authorities and institutions make an analysis of the sample ofgoods.

E 1 Laminate FlooringCertificate

This documentdemonstrates that amongst the components of laminate flooring, there aren't anyelements harmful to health or even such elements appear the amount is suitablewith international standards.

Expertise Report

If customsadministrations have doubts on exported or imported goods, expertise report onthe price, amount, quality, commercial practice and related matters isprepared.

ATA Carnet

This Carnet is provided toincrease international commercial and cultural activities by assuring thatgoods are temporarily exempted from taxes.

Inspection Certificate

This document is providedby an inspection company to determine whether the dispatched good is inconformity with the order of importer.

Kosher Certificate

This document shows thatthe products are in conformity with Jewish rules. This certificate is particularlyrequested in exporting food products to Israel.

Forest StewardshipCouncil Certificate

Consumers are guided notto purchase wooden products acquired from forests that are becoming extinct. Inthis regard, the usage of certified timber is proliferating. This certificateis given by Forest Stewardship Council.

Kimberley ProcessCertificate

In the shipment of roughdiamond, each loading has to be realized in conformity with Kimberley ProcessCertificate System.

Insurance Documents

Insurance documents areprepared by insurance company or insurance brokerage and given to the personwho buys insurance.

Insurance Certificate

This document is preparedbefore the definite insurance by the companies with more than one loading.

Insurance Policy

Insurance policydocuments the insurance contract and demonstrates the right and duties ofinsurer and insurance consumer.

Certificates of Carriage

  • Marine Bill of Lading, Ocean Bill of Lading, Bill of Lading
  • Air Waybill
  • Letter of Air Transport
  • Railway Consignment Note
  • Road Waybill/CMR Consignment Note
  • Forwarder's Receipt
  • Parcel Post Receipt
  • TIR Carnet

Weight Note

This document refers tothe net and gross weight as well as volume of the goods that are declared bythe exporter in export declaration, customs declaration and bill of lading.

Packing List

It is arranged by theseller to designate the type and number of the goods inside the packages.